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These 5 Tips Will Help You Choose The Right Career in Design

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Supply Chain Management

In the current scenario of globalization many apparel retailers are building strong supply chains to gain advantage over their competitors by offering the best value to their customers. The supply-chain management (SCM) has become very critical to manage risk, dynamism, and complexities of global sourcing. A totally integrated supply chain is required for the company […]

Industry and Education – Hand in Hand

The Bunka Gakuen University, hosts of the 16th IFFTI conference in Tokyo, took the member participants on a select industry tour on the last day of the conference. The tour was an extremely wonderful experience and was conducted very well. Miyamoto Textiles (Miyashin) was purchased in September 2012 by Bunka Gakuen to become the Bunka […]

Form & Space – Techniques of Visual Representation

The open house of the foundation batch of Arch was on the 1st day of March. A wonderful way to begin this month. Our 1st formal open house ever in this institute. For seven months I have been watching my seniors putting up every months work on the boards and preparing themselves in their best […]